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Tahir Mahmood

Tahir Mahmood

About this website

This website is dedicated to the students and teachers. However its free for all.Anyone can register and search for the best tutors of his or her choice.The http://www.tutors.almcqs.com is the simplest site ever which provides link between students and tutors.The goal of Almcqs.com is a little effort to make easy approach for students to reach tutors as well as teachrs to students. Kindly feel free to give us your valuable suggesions to improve our website by clicking on the Contact link below.

Privacy Policy

The contents and all pages on this website are owned by www.Almcqs.com. Almcqs.com respects the copyrights, trademarks of others and we also expect the same from the users who are either tutors or students.We respect and expect respect.

You and your information are very important to us. We need your personal information which is purely related with the students.If anyone demand any kind of unwanted information on behalf of us,please do not share your personal information with anyone on phone, email or on any social media or in any way.We will never need more than what is needed about your qualification,your abilities to teach or to be taught or just to make contact with you by the student or teacher for the cause of education.We protect your personal information by reasonable security i.e hashed passwords (encrypted passwords) and ssl certificates .We will never ask for any sensitive information except which is in registration form.We are bound not to disclose any type of personal information to anyone or any third party .

Terms and Conditions

We may change our content , page,rules or terms any time and without any reason as it is our right.

You can leave form fields blank if you do not want to show on this website.

A small amount of registration fee is fixed for full members just as a proof that tutor is willing and accepted our terms to show his contact information on this website .Otherwise anyone can search or use this website free of cost

Anti Spam Policy

It should be clear to all our members that "We would never send any spam email to anyone in anycase.We will never demand any illegal information.If any haker or fraudulent person contact you on our behalf, please do not share with him or her any kind of your personal information.We do not have any kind of agent or persons in any city of any country in the world.